Luxury vinyl tiles come in various shapes and sizes (usually tile and woodplank) and are used to replicate natural flooring products but without any of the practical drawbacks such as:

1. Durability
luxury vinyl tiles will not split, chip, crack or splinter like their natural counterparts such as ceramic tiles, solid wood or stone tiles, they are one of the hardest wearing flooring products available.

2. Warm and Quiet Underfoot
again unlike ceramic tiles, luxury vinyl tiles are warm underfoot and unlike laminate flooring they are quiet when walking over, even with high heels on.

3. Easily Maintained
luxury vinyl tiles are made from a customised form of vinyl so they are very easy to keep clean, they can be mopped with vinyl tile routine cleaner, and dont need the hassle of re-sanding and sealing every couple of months like solid wood requires.

4. Versatile
luxury vinyl tiles can be used in any room in the home, as they are hard wearing enough for heavy traffic such as hall ways, water resistant enough for use in bathrooms and kitchens and warm enough for bedrooms.

5. Water resistant
luxury vinyl floor tiles are made from a customised form of vinyl and are considerably durable, but they are also waterproof, however care will need to be taken with large volumes of water as the general adhesive and subfloor will be unable to withstand great quantities of water.